Press Release: Dewar PR

The Sign Records has teamed up with Transcending Obscurity to stream Will O’ Wisp by Swedish blackened thrash metal band NEKROKRAFT. The album was previously released in Europe, but will now see a North American release as of tomorrow, July 7th 2017.

Stream the album in full here:

Nekrokraft is melodic, blackened thrash metal with moments of explosive brutality and speed. Keeping and ld-school approach without being retro, Nekrokraft offers both classic metal influences and extreme metal influences such as melodies, harmonies and blast-beats. Erupting like a lava pillar from the Ostrogothia soil that have provided the world with countless of breathtaking metal and rock acts during the last decade. The intrusive chill of Nekrokraft will raise hairs on the backs of both man and beasts.