Behemoth frontman Nergal revealed that he had dinner with Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson during his recent interview with The Dan Chan Show and shared his thoughts and feelings about the lead singer.

As you probably know, Iron Maiden has been hitting the metal music scene for more than forty years with its hit albums. Therefore, the band greatly influenced the new generation metal bands who wished to follow Iron Maiden’s steps and create their own style.

It can be said that Behemoth is one of these bands, especially considering that their lead singer Nergal is a huge Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden fan. In his latest interview, the singer unveiled that he recently had dinner with Dickinson and highlighted his admiration for the musician.

Nergal added that Bruce Dickinson is the embodiment of a Renaissance man with his knowledge, curiosity, and hunger for fresh knowledge. He said that the Iron Maiden frontman is an incredible and extraordinary person, who he will always take as an example.

Nergal said in his interview the following:

“Yesterday, I had dinner with Bruce Dickinson. If you ask me what I look up to, I look up to Bruce Dickinson. He’s the renaissance man. He’s someone who’s, like, holy shit. That is awesome.

I mean, what all he does — all he captures, all he embraces. All the knowledge, all the curiosity, all that hunger for life and all its dimensions, that is a way to go for me.

You can check out the interview below.