Behemoth frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski recently spoke to Metal Injection for an interview and remembered when fans threatened him due to a change in his style.

Although many fans support their favorite musician in whatever action they take or show their negative reactions in a proper manner, some take this to the next level and go a bit too far. For instance, a Pantera fan murdered Dimebag Darrell on stage due to Pantera’s split.

Moreover, the iconic Beatle John Lennon was also killed by a fan because he said the Beatles were ‘more popular than Jesus.’ While these are serious and tragic cases, some of these fans decide to threaten the artists if they get a chance, like the fan who assaulted Thom Yorke in a bar.

In a recent interview with Metal Injection, Behemoth’s Nergal revealed that he also had a similar experience with some of his fans. The musician stated that he received death threats because he changed his style and put a ‘wrong’ image on an album cover. According to Nergal, fans invaded his room with a gun.

Moreover, the musician explained that these fans believed the album cover was a sacrilege for the National Socialist black metal fans, and they told him he shouldn’t use it. As Nergal said, they threatened to execute him, but he didn’t back up and is still around making music with Behemoth.

Here is what Nergal recalled about getting threats from fans:

“I remember getting death threats back in the day for changing my style and putting a ‘wrong’ image on the cover, and I mean it. I had f*cking people invading my room with a gun, and this happened in the ’90s.

It was a sacrilege for some National Socialist black metal people or whatever who were not friends of mine, who thought, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this, so we’re going to execute you.’ Well, they didn’t. I’m still around, and I’m still a pain in the ass. Things like that did happen because I was evolving.”

You can watch the full interview below.