Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski talked in a conversation with Overdrive. He addressed the bizarre story about Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page.

Back in January 2019, Mark Blake (the author of a new book on Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, “Bring It on Home”) has shared an interesting story about Led Zep members allegedly shoving pieces of a mud-shark into a groupie’s vagina and rectum.

Nergal mentioned about this story, and said:

“Look at Led Zeppelin, no one is saying anything about what those guys did in the past. I just finished reading a book about them and those guys were fucking groupies with fish! Then you have Jimmy Page and his interest in younger girls!

So, all of this stuff tends to just stay in the past and no one is interested in doing anything about it, or even talking about it. It’s kind of like they pick and choose what they want to be offended by and that’s just wrong.

With Behemoth, we want people to think about things, to have debates, to approach a different perspective on their beliefs just for a moment; because you don’t know just what you might discover about yourself.

We’re not preaching to anyone, we’re just offering ideas and people have their own brains to make up their own minds on how they feel about things. I’m not here to give anyone answers.”

Two months ago, Mark Blake has revealed the truth about Led Zeppelin’s “mud-shark” story as follows:

“It did happen. [Road manager] Richard Cole told me it happened and he was the guy that held the shark. He was there along with a couple of members of Vanilla Fudge.

The groupie’s name was Jackie. I think they were just fooling around … the fish wasn’t inside her for that long. It was dead. Robert Plant also told me saw it. I don’t think Peter Grant did but obviously, everyone heard about it.”

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