British metal band Iron Maiden is one of the world’s most money-erning heavy metal bands. You will learn how much money the band members have in this page.

According to the “Celebrity Net Worth”, we listing the net worths of the Iron Maiden members.

Bruce Dickinson’s Net Worth: $115 Million

Steve Harris’ Net Worth: $30 Million

Dave Murray’s Net Worth: $15 Million

Adrian Smith’s Net Worth: $40 Million

Nicko McBrain’s Net Worth: $30 Million

Janick Gers’ Net Worth: Unknown

Ex-Members Of The Band

  • Paul Day – Unknown
  • Terry Rance – Unknown
  • Dave Sullivan – Unknown
  • Ron Matthews – Unknown
  • Dennis Wilcock – Unknown
  • Tony Moore – Unknown
  • Doug Sampson – Unknown
  • Paul Di’Anno – Unknown
  • Blaze Bayley – Unknown