Long-time going mystery about the ‘new guy’ of the Slipknot controversy going on social media and Reddit topics.

A Reddit user named Chainsaw443 claimed that ‘the new guy’ named Tortilla Man is Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s son, Gage.

Here is the conversation below.


 “I agree with the Gage theory. I saw a live video of his like 3rd or 4th show or something and it showed the back of his head. His neck is very slender like Gage’s would be, also that gives credence to him being very young.

At first, I noticed his posture was slightly slouched but I think it is just the way the suit and mask make him look. Every time I see him now, I think its Gage.

Caramico35 responded:

“I think its Gage as well. and I think Simon is here to help distract. gage always used to be spotted by the side of the stage, usually by the big bald head of security guy. I think they hired someone else for Kimmel performance to throw us off since gage was spotted there with Simon on if I remember correctly.

But Simon has been really really present, making stories and posts on nearly every show, yet Gage has been MIA. What evidence I have to back this up is sadly when Clown and family went on stage. I know its shitty to bring that up but, the only reason that makes sense as to why gage wouldn’t jump on stage with them is A. gage is out home with his mom, B. He’s Tortilla 100%. Explains why Sid is basically fucking and hanging out with him on stage so much, Someone younger and goofier for him to fuck with.”

After that conversation, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan posted a new video on the Instagram.

Here it is:

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New Guy.

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