Andrew Bennett, who is the author of the book about Eddie Van Halen named ‘Eruption In The Canyon,’ spoke in the recent interview with UCR and revealed the untold story about Wolfgang Van Halen and Van Halen.

As you might remember, Eddie kicked the iconic bass guitarist of the band, Michael Anthony, and added his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, to the band in 2006. Since then, there are three family members in the band.

In the conversation, Andrew stated that Wolfgang was so calm to play with Van Halen on the big stages even though his young age and seemed like didn’t care about joining one of the biggest bands in the world.

Here is what Andrew Bennett said:

“I was more nervous about my summer jobs mowing lawns than this kid was about joining Van Halen.

Wolfgang really enjoyed being there, he was having a great time. You would think a teenager would be like, ‘I can’t believe I’m about to join Van Halen and play stadiums, I’m nervous about the big crowds.’ But Wolfgang was just like, ‘Nah, man, let’s do this.”

Andrew continued:

“Eddie reached out and said, ‘I’ve kicked Michael Anthony out of the band, I’ve replaced him with my son, I want you to come up here and film this.’

What was supposed to be one day turned into three, turned into a month, turned into months. I was there from day one, I was there for Wolfgang’s first rehearsal, I filmed it.”

He added:

“My understanding was that he had rehearsed the catalog on his own for a month or two, and then he showed up for rehearsal and just nailed it.”

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