Photo: Washington Times

Road/flight cases company The Case Place, which works for KISS and Alice Cooper and more etc., has shared some new photos on Instagram.

The Case Palace is providing mobile case repairs catering to the music and television community in Los Angeles.

As you can see the photo below, The Case Place were repairing Eddie Van Halen’s tour gear case. He shared the photos with this caption:

“Case Repairs for @eddievanhalen @vanhalen #EVH #eddievanhalen #vanhalen #tourlife #roadcase #flightcase #caseplace818.”

DR-T and TR2 are seen in the labels, which could mean drum riser/toms and truck 2.

Famous rock journalist Mitch Lafon tweeted:

“The Case Place 818 in California has posted pics of an Eddie Van Halen road case that they are refurbishing… Hmmm, road case… what are those for?”

Check out the photos below. Click here for the source. (Alternative Nation)