The new book titled “Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story Of Bon Scott And AC/DC’s Back In Black” has been released and revealed the unheard story of Bon Scott’s dead.

According to Team Rock; The author of the book, Jesse Fink says that Bon Scott died as a result of heroin and not alcohol poisoning. Here’s the statement:

“So the truth of what happened to Bon was in there somewhere, lost in this jumble of conflicting details and contradictions. It was a long, very involved process trying to make sense of all.

Then there was a breakthrough in my own investigation, involving Peter Perrett’s wife, Zena Kakoulli, who said she went with Bon and Alistair to East Dulwich after they’d left The Music Machine – she was inside Alistair’s apartment when Bon was in the car outside – and an eyewitness at the club who saw Bon ‘stoned’ on what this person clearly believed was heroin.

That cast a whole new light on my interpretation of events. Clive Edwards, the drummer of Wild Horses, also told me Silver was at Jimmy Bain’s house snorting heroin when she got the call on the evening of the 19th to come to the hospital – not at home, as she claimed.

In the end, I think I provided enough new information to show that Bon died from heroin and not from alcohol poisoning. The police investigation and the coroner’s inquest were substandard.”

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