During the recent episode of Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation, a caller made a serious claim against legendary KISS frontman Paul Stanley.

According to recent report of Alternative Nation, caller accused Paul Stanley of using a backing track for his vocal sections. He said:

“KISS has not even been accused of using tracks until just recently. Why? Because there’s pretty obvious proof of it online if you look closely at some of the videos and hear what’s going on and Paul, not Gene.

Because Paul has struggled so unbelievably to the point that videos have been taken down when he was trying to sing live, that the accusation is there- that suddenly it sounds kind of okay, then he’s off mic and there’s still some vocals coming out and then miraculously, they’re gonna play 6 nights a week for 3 years and ‘we’re gonna sound better than ever’. That’s a quote. Well, you can sound like that if you’re not really doing it.”

You can listen to the entire statement below. Click here to source.

Back in December 2018, Paul Stanley reacted to people who saying ‘KISS’ farewell tour is bittersweet’. He said:

“Okay, so I’m standing here on the new ‘End Of The Road’ KISS stage, and all I can tell you is it’s freakin’ phenomenal. Is it anything like anything we’ve done? No. This is brand new from the ground up.

I’ve gotta tell you. People say is this bittersweet? No. If the tour is anything like this stage, it’s totally sweet. We always try to raise the bar — that’s just for us — but when other bands would see us, they would feel they had to up their game.

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