In a recent episode of Trunk Nation, journalist Eddie Trunk has revealed an overlooked side of possible Van Halen reunion. He said that Van Halen might be fronted with two singers for possible reunion tour.

First of all, he mentioned about the money problems between original Van Halen members and former singer Sammy Hagar. He said:

“Some people have been telling me recently that there is still a lot of issues and resentment over the Cabo Wabo deal. This was stuff that was documented in Sammy [Hagar’s] book that they had issues about.

There’s still a feeling that there are bad business and unfinished business in regards to money and things like that, that there is a money connection to this and that there have been “dealings” behind the scenes in terms of on the business level that people may not be fully aware of.

This includes the Cabo Wabo thing that the Van Halen camp is not fully comfortable with the resolution of and that plays into some of the Sammy issues as well.”

He also revealed another option for vocal selection of Van Halen, and said:

“When you talk about loyalty I understand your point but let’s not forget that David Lee Roth toured with Sammy Hagar. They went out together and toured!

If all the rumors are true and Michael Anthony ends up coming back, he’s been Sammy’s right-hand guy – so that would blow the whole loyalty thing out of the water to some degree if that was the only issue.”

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)