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In a recent interview with ‘Something About The Beatles’ podcast, author of ‘Revolver: How The Beatles Reimagined Rock ‘n’ Roll’, Robert Rodrigues has revealed the story of Brian Epstein, the man who dicovered The Beatles.

Robert stated:

“He had the belief and the vision for what The Beatles could be when basically they were the equivalent of punks. He steered them to a recording contract which happened within six months of him signing with them, and by the following year, they are performing for the Royal family.

He saw them as this potential entertainment juggernaut, getting them into films, getting them into TV, playing up their charisma, personality and humor.”

He continued:

“The rap on Brian is that he wasn’t much of a businessman, that he cost them millions. True enough, but that’s sort of beside the point because those millions never would have been made had it not been him recognizing what they needed to connect with the public.”

Even McCartney gave him the benefit of the doubt in hindsight, reportedly saying of the era:“British people didn’t know that stuff at the time.”

In an old interview, Paul McCartney talked about Brian as follows:

“If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian. Brian didn’t get very good deals on anything. For years EMI were giving us one old penny between us for every single and two shillings for every album.

If we had known in 1962/3 what we know now, or even what we knew in 1967, it would have made a real difference.”

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