75-year-old Rock N’ Roll legend Mick Jagger had a serious heart procedure and his doctors insert a catheter through his femoral artery in the leg.

His doctor, Mark Henderson at Health Sciences North (HSN) made an exclusive statement and revealed Jagger’s latest health condition.

Here is his statement:

“It became clear about seven or eight years ago that TAVI was not just a passing fad and it was in fact going to be a viable alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement in many patients.

Accordingly since Health Sciences North has a busy cardiac surgery program and a busy interventional cardiac program, it was only logical that TAVI would be the next step. Now if you think about it, you have about 100,000 heartbeats a day.

So that means that valve opens, and closes, about 200,000 times a day. It is actually astonishing to me that they don’t all wear out.

In fact only a small percentage do, but when they do, of course since all your blood flow goes through that valve it is critically important to you.”

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