During a recent conversation with Antihero Magazine, new Whitesnake bassist Tanya O’Callaghan reflected on moving to the United States. Apparently, the sign to move to the States appeared when Maynard James Keenan invited her to be a guest artist on a Puscifer show.

In August 2010, former Lynch Mom member Michael Devin was announced as the Whitesnake’s new bassist. After working with the band for the next decade, the bass player decided to leave the band in November of last year.

Since the band is set to embark on their farewell tour in May 2022, beginning in the UK and Ireland with Foreigner and Europe, they needed a new bass player to fill in. That’s when Tanya O’Callaghan replaced Devin, marking the first female musician to join the band.

During a recent interview, Tanya O’Callaghan was asked about her decision to move to the United States, although she is an Irish musician. Apparently, the bassist has pretty much conquered Ireland since she has performed in every venue she possibly could.

Around the time she felt that way, she got an invitation from Maynard James Keenan, who invited O’Callaghan to one of Puscifer’s shows in Arizona about ten years ago. Since the bassist has been a fan of Tool and Keenan, she agreed and spent some time in the States and made music with other musicians as well.

When asked about moving to America, O’Callaghan said:

“So, I had done all of the gigs that you could do in Ireland, at a certain point, I was busy. I was one of the busy working musicians, and it was great. And I had a bunch of bands going, but then I got invited by Maynard Keenan over to Arizona. That’s God, Jesus, ten years ago now, or more. I can’t even remember. But that was Arizona.

So, Maynard asked me to be a guest on the Puscifer stuff. So, he had this rotating line-up. The whole, for anyone that knows Puscifer, it’s all about guests. So, obviously, that’s a complete honor. I grew up a massive Tool fan, and I love all of Maynard’s work. So, when I did that, I went to Arizona, and I was in the U.S. for a couple of weeks, whatever, recording and writing with him and a bunch of other musicians.”

While Keenan started Tanya O’Callaghan’s journey in the States with his invitation, it took her several visits and a couple of years to permanently move out of her country. Eventually, the musician was bored of seeing rain in London and drastically changed her life by moving to Los Angeles.