Nickelback’s official Instagram account celebrated the upcoming 15th anniversary of their one of the best-selling album, ‘All The Right Reasons,’ and excited the fans with their new project.

In September 2005, Nickelback hit the world with the ‘All The Right Reasons’ album alongside the songs like Photograph, Far Away, Rockstar, and more. This album sold over 12 million across the world and listed at the top on the charts for most of the time.

While the 15th anniversary is getting closer, the band announced that they remastered the whole album in the honor of this special date and released it on Apple music. Also, Nickelback released a remastered acoustic version of their song named: ‘Photograph.’

Here is what’s written on the post:

“We used to listen to the radio / And sing along with every song we know…” Swipe up on our story to sing along to the acoustic version of ‘Photograph’ from our upcoming 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition of #AllTheRightReasons now on Apple Music.”

You can check out the post right below.