In a recent interview with Kyle Meredith, Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger talked about the band’s single ‘Rockstar,’ and explained whether they were struggling with similar problems of being a celebrity just like it was described in the song.

The well-known Canadian rock band Nickelback released their fifth album named ‘All the Right Reasons‘ back in 2005. The album topped the Canadian Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200 albums chart. Selling 12 million copies worldwide, ‘All the Right Reasons’ is the best-selling album of Nickelback to date.

The song, ‘Rockstar,’ from ‘All the Right Reasons’ album was initially released only in Canada and the United States, yet later it re-released worldwide. One of the most popular songs of Nickelback, the lyrics of ‘Rockstar’ depicts the materialistic desires of a wannabe rockstar who is mostly interested in women, money, and expensive cars.

Recently, Nickelback’s bass player Mike Kroeger joined a conversation with Kyle Meredith and talked about the lyrics of their famous song ‘Rockstar.’ The interviewer wanted to know whether the Nickelback members had any issues with the type of celebrity described within the song.

Here’s what Mike Kroeger stated:

“No, we still find a lot of that stuff pretty funny – the stuff that we wrote, those lyrics – we were thinking about, ‘How absurd can we possibly be?’ We wanted to write a song of absurdity, of comedy.

The topics that we touched on in those lyrics we still find preposterous to this day. It’s just funny stuff, and all the ‘Spinal Tap’ stories that are based and rooted in fact, which makes them even more funny – I think.”

Kroeger continued:

“These are the kind of things that when you’re in a rock band you laugh about, things like people throwing televisions out of hotel rooms, and things like that – that’s just, I think, it’s part of the big myth and the big fable. It’s great.”

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