In a recent interview with Australia’s Heavy magazine, Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger revealed his favorite song to perform live. Here’s the statement:

“The real thing that kind of spices it up for me is the ones that are a little bit harder to play, that are just a little bit more up, a little bit more aggressive, a little bit more metal — things like ‘Feed The Machine’, the song itself.

You really have to be on your game to play that tightly and make it impactful and effective. That’s one I like, just because it’s a good challenge. I like it when the challenge is set in front of you.”

You can watch the official music video of “Feed The Machine” below.

He also talked about the difficulties of choose the songs for setlist and said:

It is one of those challenges. It is not easy. It’s been really, really hard to do that, because we have had songs that have done very well. That’s a really great problem to have when you have a whole bunch of songs that people want to hear you play every night.

Inevitably, we end up throwing out at least one or two No. 1 singles that we just don’t have time to play, but the way that we do it, and the way that we’ve been figuring it out, is by using data from radio, et cetera about what played well and what charted well — using that as a barometer for what people want to hear.

When you go to Europe is when it’s really interesting, because very often, you’re playing a different country every night. They all have different radio proclivities that you really have to research.

We’ll be in one country like Germany where the single ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ went over huge, and then we’ll drive to some place like France where it didn’t, and something else did well there, so we do a lot of swapping based on what data we can gather of what works.”

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