During a recent interview with Band Wagon from Asia, Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger talked about how he’s feeling about their biggest hit ‘How You Remind Me’ nowadays.

Mike admitted that ‘How You Remind Me is a big reason as to why we still have a career‘. Interviewer asked ‘How do you feel about How You Remind Me, 18 years on?’, Mike responded:

“It’s funny because I actually just saw something that Kerrang! put out, where they broke down every second of the music video for that, it’s nuts that its still getting that much attention. We’re grateful, we really are.

Having a song like that is like being the parent of a child that goes on to become a great success, you have this overwhelming feeling of pride. It’s a huge part of us and we’re really proud of it.

More than anything, that song is a big reason as to why we still have a career. That song did wonders for us. We were doing well before that but that song just changed everything for us. Things expanded massively from that song. I think each of us in the band has a great deal of love for the song.”

He also talked about possibility of new album, and said:

“Right now, no. What we have planned for majority of the year are tours. We don’t have any plans to go into the studio this year, but that’s not written in stone. We might do it, we just haven’t discussed it yet, but I doubt we would have anything ready for this year because we do have a long year of touring ahead of us.

That’s not to say that there couldn’t be a surprise and maybe we do something. We’ve recorded on tour, we’ve traveled to record, so you just never know. But I guess the simple answer to your question would be that we don’t have anything planned yet.”

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