The Canadian rock band Nickelback has shared a picture that looks like an album cover by pointing out this Friday on Instagram, which hints at that they are getting ready for something big.

As you may recall, the band has recently celebrated the upcoming 15th anniversary of one of the best-selling album, ‘All The Right Reasons.’ They have announced the good news that they released the 15th anniversary expanded edition of the album on Apple Music and hyped the fans.

The latest post of Nickelback’s official Instagram account has shown that the surprises keep coming. With a photo in which ‘Nickelback‘ is written on a red background, the band implied an entirely new project, most probably an album.

In early 2019, band members spoke of recording the tenth studio album, though Chad Kroeger conceded there was no timetable or rush for the band to complete it. Also, Mike Kroeger explained his personal desire to move in more of a heavy metal direction.

Here is what was said in the latest Instagram post of Nickelback:

Friday 8/14

You can see the post below.

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