Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain was interviewed by Ultimate Golf! and shared the greatest year of heavy metal. Also, the drummer remembered a festival that the band performed with KISS and Van Halen’s David Lee Roth.

1988’s Monsters of Rock Festival was held in different cities in the US and Europe with its legendary lineup which consisted of Van Halen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, KISS, David Lee Roth, Anthrax, Testament, and Great White with many more bands. So it was an unforgettable event for many rock and metal music fans.

It was not only amazing for the band’s fans but also for the musicians who played during the festival. As he was one of them, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain spent such a great time in the event that he showed it as the main reason behind his choice of 1988 as the best year of metal music.

In addition, the drummer recalled KISS, David Lee Roth, and Guns N’ Roses’ performances during the festival by describing them as crazy and great. McBrain added that their own Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour was another groundbreaking event that started in the same year.

In McBrain’s words, he said:

“1988 was our first castle Donnington Monsters of Rock. We had the great KISS, David Lee Roth, and Guns N’ Roses. I mean it was just crazy. Crazy lineup, crazy year… Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour is just off the charts.”

You can watch the interview below.