Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared a new statement about their movie “The Dirt” on Twitter. He argued with a fan on possible DVD release of the movie.

Nikki wrote:

“When a band member from one of your FAVORITE bands on earth who just had a blockbuster movie reaches out to tell you they loved your movie!!!!! NICE WAY TO START THE DAY. 🙏🏼”

A fan named Jamie Lee asked:

“Hey Nikki, will “The Dirt” have a blu ray/dvd release? And if so, when?”

Nikki responded:

“Nope. The future is streaming. It’s only on @netflix Worldwide 🤘🏽”

Another fan named Andrea Janet said:

“Definitely should have a DVD. I do not have Netflix”

Nikki responded:

“Please don’t get left in the dust. Everything you love is at the touch of your fingers. Streaming is now. We once had 8 tracks. Technology keeps moving. We need to keep up. It’s magic.”

A Twitter user named Philip Mark Mullen said:

“Not all things technology has brought has been for the better Nikki! Hope you do bring out a DVD after Netflix has shown The Dirt, I still prefer a dvd or cd, nothing worse than listening to or watching and internet connection is lost!”

Nikki has reacted:

“I hear you but you can watch it or anything anytime anyplace on your Tv, phone or tablet. A lot easier than carrying a dvd around with you. Hope you enjoy the film. It took us over a decade to get it made. Respect. 👍🏽”

See the tweets below.