Mötley Crüe’s co-founder and bassist, Nikki Sixx, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and revealed his feelings towards something he did in the past, for the first and last time ever.

Mötley Crüe’s successful bassist seems to have a hidden talent which he only revealed once during his career. Recently, one of Nikki Sixx’s fans posted a video on their Twitter account and they revealed a rarely seen footage of Nikki Sixx.

Instead of hiding away from it, Nikki Sixx actually retweeted the video that his fans posted and gave an explanation. The video features Nikki Sixx as the lead vocalist while singing a song. As most of his fans are used to his position as the talented bassist, this came as a shock.

Even though Nikki Sixx’s fans and followers praised his talent and said that his voice is very beautiful, Nikki Sixx decided to do the exact opposite. In his tweet, he revealed that the video is from the only tour that he sang lead on a song and continued by saying that he doesn’t like his voice that much.

Nikki Sixx said that for him, singing is a tool for songwriting and not a talent he enjoys performing with. He even said that when he sings at his own demos, it makes him nauseous.

Fans and followers disagreed with him as most of the responses were from people praising his voice and talent. Others argued that he should have led more often and some even encouraged him to make an album. Nikki Sixx may not like his voice but it looks like everybody else does.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said about his own singing:

“That was the only tour I sang lead on a song. I don’t necessarily like my voice that much, it’s just a tool for songwriting. Sometimes I sing on my own demos and it makes me slightly nauseous. Ha ha ha”

You can check out the tweet that Nikki Sixx posted on his Twitter account below.

You can also find Nikki Sixx’s singing video below.