Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx confirmed that he is writing a children’s book in a recent tweet, which thrilled his fans.

Although Nikki Sixx is mainly known as the bassist and primary songwriter of Mötley Crüe, he also has other interests. As you might know, he has embarked on several side projects, such as his band Sixx:A.M and the supergroup L.A. Rats.

On October 19, Nikki Sixx published his new memoir ‘The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx.’ To promote the book, Sixx:A.M also released an album titled ‘Hits’ on October 22 along with a music video for the song ‘The First 21.’

Therefore, it seems Nikki Sixx is quite interested in working on other projects outside Mötley Crüe. As the bassist said in a previous interview, he has so many things in this mind that he sees time as his biggest enemy.

Recently, Nikki Sixx gave an interview to The Aquarian to announce another book he has been working on. To his fans’ surprise, it was not a memoir but a children’s book this time. In the interview, Nikki Sixx stated that he is working on the book with the help of his wife, and it is about a little girl traveling the world using her imagination.

Nikki Sixx told The Aquarian that:

“I and my wife are working on a book right now, a children’s book about this little girl who goes to all of these countries in her imagination.

She goes to Africa and she has this little African boy or girl teaching her about that culture, or she goes to England, and then she goes to Wyoming and learns about horses, then goes to Japan and learns about the food and the culture and the language.

That is a great idea and that will come out next year.

According to Nikki Sixx, the book’s primary purpose is to teach children about cultural diversity. In his recent tweet, Sixx came across the news about him writing a children’s book and confirmed the news by simply saying it’s true.

Nikki Sixx’s tweet read:

“Yes, it’s true.”

You can check out Nikki Sixx’s tweet below.