Mötley Crüe bass guitarist and co-founder, Nikki Sixx, spoke in a recent interview with Marci Wiser and shared his feelings about the upcoming The Stadium Tour.

Mötley Crüe decided to reunite once more immediately after the success of their biographical movie, The Dirt, and they announced a Stadium Tour which was scheduled to be held in 2020.

However, the coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020 and the whole events and tours got canceled around the world, including The Stadium Tour. Also, the band needed to reschedule it for at least two times.

But, they are set to be on the stage alongside Def Leppard in 2022 while the vaccination process goes on in the world. Although the cases are slowing down around the world, Nikki is still fearful about their tour.

In the conversation, Nikki touched upon the fact that the coronavirus still spreading from person to person and mentioned that the tour might get canceled halfway, which is the thing that he is scared of.

Nikki Sixx said:

“It’s a little scary to go out there and have the tour maybe get canceled half way. And I know a lot of bands are out there and they’re testing the water and it looks really positive; I’m super excited.”

Further in the conversation, Nikki also talked about the possibility of touring around the world instead of only North America and said that they might drag The Stadium tour to Europe, South America, and Japan, but there is nothing certain yet.