Mötley Crüe bassist shared a new and really scary photo on his verified Instagram page. In case He didn’t give many details about the photo, it’s possible that he found it on the HDD which he recovered 2 weeks ago.

Here is what he wrote about that scary photo:

“12 or 13-year-old foto from back when I was chasing Joel Peter Witkin’s ghost.#NikkiSixxPhotography”

A user named dare_to_dream_74 wrote that:

“4 Omg! Dolls freak me out! Do you own this one? Lol 5g.”

Another user named stephanieharwell_official commented:

“That so creepy!!!! 😍”

joshcohenphoto said that:

“You definitely have been influenced by him…. you might to move Mexico or some other country to really nail it.😬😬😬”

Who is Joel Peter Witkin?

“Joel-Peter Witkin is a photographer who lives in Albuquerque. His work often deals with themes such as death, corpses, dismembered portions thereof, and various outsiders such as people with dwarfism, transgender and intersex persons, as well as physically deformed people.”

You can see the photo below: