Mötley Crüe bass guitarist and co-founder Nikki Sixx cleared the air about the retirement speculations on his musical career via his official Twitter account.

Nikki is one of the musicians that make ‘question and answer’ sessions to interact with his followers on social media, and he recently shared his thoughts about his retirement rumors.

As you might recall, Mötley Crüe reunited once again after the success of their biopic, The Dirt, and they decided to make a farewell tour, The Stadium Tour, which got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it seems like Nikki doesn’t really think about retiring at all. As one of the fans asked about the upcoming projects from Nikki such as songs or albums, he simply revealed what he has done so far in this year.

While saying that The Stadium Tour will continue in the next year, Nikki also revealed that Sixx: A.M will be back. Additionally, he also said that his new book is going to be published this year as well as mentioning his new superband with Rob Zombie, L.A. Rats.

One of the fans asked:

“Any tours in the works!? New music?!”

Nikki Sixx replied:

“Stadium tour next year, new Sixx:A.M. this fall as well as a new book called The First 21.

Just dropped an LA Rats song with Rob Zombie and John 5. This retirement thing is exhausting.”

You can check out the post below.