Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx gave an interview to Metal Edge magazine in which he talked about some of the important moments in his life and music career. At some point during the interview, he recalled the time Vince Neil made him feel like the Crüe had made it.

Back when Mötley Crüe was formed, the band included Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil. This lineup then played their first gig at the Starwood nightclub on April 24, 1981. After deciding on the name Mötley Crüe and starting to work with their first manager Allan Coffman, they released their first single, ‘Stick To Your Guns/Toast Of The Town.’

They then released their debut album in November 1981 titled ‘Too Fast For Love.’ Following the release, the Crüe embarked on their ‘Crüesing Through Canada Tour ’82.’ With this tour, the Crüe became recognized for their stage shows, although it did not bring them a financial gain. Soon after, they gained recognition pretty rapidly.

Speaking to Metal Edge magazine, Nikki Sixx remembered when he played on stage with Crüe back in 1982. He stated that it was the time they came up with the ideas for their dazzling stage shows.

Moreover, Sixx recalled that during the show at Santa Monica Civic on November 17, 1982, he held a mannequin’s head up, and Vince Neil cut its head off. According to Sixx, he realized that they had made it with this show.

In the interview with Metal Edge magazine, Nikki Sixx recalled the following:

“Playing the Whisky three nights in a row in February 1982 with Mötley was big, but around that time, we had also started to build these stage sets and have all these ideas. We met these guys that were in drag racing, and they got two dragsters onstage with us. We had this crazy drum riser, and we started to build in all this production.

During ‘Piece of Your Action,’ we rolled a mannequin out, and Vince took a real chainsaw and cut its head off. I would be holding a chain that held the head up, and blood would just go everywhere. I remember doing that at the Santa Monica Civic on November 17, 1982, and looking out from the stage.

I can’t remember how many people the Civic held. Probably something like 2,500. And the place was packed. We didn’t have a record deal at the time; nobody was coming a-knockin’. And I was like, ‘We’re doing this on our own.’ I just remember feeling like we’d made it, and we’d made it on our own terms. And that was a cool thing.”

Formed back in 1981, Mötley Crüe is now one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, with over 100 million albums sold worldwide. They are also known for their elaborate live performances, which feature Tommy Lee’s roller coaster drum show, flame thrower guitars, and heavy use of pyrotechnics.