Mötley Crüe bassist and co-founder Nikk Sixx has made a new question and answer session on Twitter, and responded some questions that he got from his fans.

He has shared his longing about Mötley Crüe, and also revealed some details about his upcoming book. You can read the questions and Nikki’s answers below.

A fan named Christy B asked:

“Do you miss being on the road? #AskSixx”

Nikki responded:

“Sometimes I miss it a lot. Rehearsing with the guys. Designing over the top shows. Coming up with cool merchandise for the fans and blowing stuff up live. When we were on it was magic. Grateful I was in the band.”

Another fan named wildsidesixx asked:

“Can you give us any new info about your new book? im so excited! #AskSixx”

Nikki replied:

“Been working on a few. Then picked one to finish but might expand on the idea making it 3 times the work. It’s nice to just work at a steady pace but nobody is pushing to hard. I would say 80% next year.”

Zero Lynn asked:

“How does one string songs together to make an album? Any tips for an aspiring musician?”

Nikki responded:

“When I write for an album I look for either a theme or something to string them together. Could be styles, lyrical or Sonics”

A fan named Mau Andrade asked:

“Biggest musical regret?”

Nikki said:

“That I didn’t learn other styles of music in bass earlier.”

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