Mötley Crüe’s legendary bassist Nikki Sixx recently made a quick Question & Answer session with his followers on Twitter and gives crucial advice to addicts.

Nikki shared his thoughts with a user named Ruby Miller on Twitter gave golden-worth advice to his addicted fiancee.

You can find the conversation below.

Ruby Miller:

“My fiancé has struggled with addiction for a very large portion of his life. He is currently in a community-based corrections facility due to his most recent relapse.

I saw an article on Facebook about your 18th year of sobriety. You are an inspiration to him and give him hope.”

Nikki Sixx responded:

“I am sorry to hear about your friend. Addiction is a mysterious monster convincing it’s victim they are in control.

I got my life back when I admitted I was powerless and was ready to except life on life‘s terms. I hope the same gift can be bestowed upon your friend. Sobriety rocks.”

You can see the tweets below.