Nikki Sixx, who is the co-founder and bass guitarist of Mötley Crüe, celebrated the huge milestone of his life by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

As you might recall, Nikki used to use drugs and alcohol in the past, which caused his death twice. However, he started a new fresh page in his career and he has been sober since then.

Today, it marks the 20 years of being sober for Nikki, and he wanted to celebrate this special day with his followers. Afterward, he encouraged his followers who want to quit their addictions but struggles to do so.

Nikki wrote in the caption that there will be lots of people stand in your ways and say you will never make a day without drugs or alcohol. However, he said that you are the miracle that could break the chain.

As Nikki said in the caption, you will live in gratitude for those who didn’t believe in you because they will make you even stronger. Also, you will know how to forgive the bullying people during this period.

Nikki Sixx wrote:

“Some people will try and kick you in the nuts, steal your money, stab you in the back, guaranteed to let you down, sabotage yer life, not believe in you, and gossip that you’ll never make a day without drugs or alcohol.

And do you know what you’re gonna do? You are gonna stay sober one day at a time. You are the miracle, the one that breaks the addiction chain, the one who is living amends.

The one who has altered your family history. You will live in gratitude for those that never thought you’d stay sober or make it out alive because they made you stronger, and you know how to forgive assholes.

And when you see people who are still suffering/treading water or gasping for air, be sure to throw them a life vest. Because we give back now to those that are still afflicted and hope they too pass it on.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram