American glam metal band Mötley Crüe are working on new songs for their upcoming film adaptation of biography film “The Dirt”. They working with their legendary producer Bob Rock.

Bassist Nikki Sixx has tweeted about the process of writing sessions. He said “can’t stop listening to the new Mötley Crüe songs”. Here’s the statement:

“Can’t stop listening to the new @MotleyCrue songs. Been awhile since me and the boys made some balls to the wall rock n roll together. 🤘🏽#TheDirtMovie #NewCrue
Bob Rock crushes the production.

According to his statement, it seems like, four new songs completed. We’ll wait what happens.

Back in October, Sixx said:

“Fück can I just say it? I’m listening to the roughs of the new Motley Crue and it feels real and raw. Everybody is playing like mad and the songs crush.

Bob Rock brought the sounds. Plus we have a surprise that will confirm that we’re outta our minds.”

Check the tweet from below.

As you know, Bob Rock produced Metallica’s classic album “Black Album” in 1991.