The co-founder and bassist of the Los Angeles-based heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx has taken Instagram to express his excitement about recording the first time in his new home, Wyoming, as he hyped Crüe fans for a secret little project.

The iconic musician, Nikki Sixx, has been highly active on Instagram, giving updates on his adventurous life in the wilderness of Wyoming with his lovely little daughter, Ruby Sixx, and gorgeous wife, Courtney Sixx.

After he hinted at a new project for an album other than Mötley Crüe’s a few weeks ago, Sixx has shown up on the platform with a picture taken when he was working in a log cabin with the producer and engineer, Barry Pointer, who also teamed up with Rob Zombie and John 5.

Sixx said that he’s getting ready to release the project he’s working on now for the next year. He also mentioned that it’s been a minute since he has been able to record bass, so it was a really great day for him.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said in his latest Instagram post:

Recoding bass in a log cabin today with producer, engineer, madman, Barry Pointer for a secret little project next year.

Been a minute since I’ve been able to record bass so today was a really great day… Also the first time I’ve recorded in Wyoming! 🤘🏽”

You can see the post below.