Nikki Sixx, the co-founder and bassist of Mötley Crüe, has given an update from his highly natural and wild lifestyle with his family while admitting his wife, Courtney Sixx, has warned him after his recent post with their little daughter Ruby.

As you may know, the Sixx family has moved to a new home and changed their daily habits a lot lately. After spending a great time in the overwhelming Los Angeles, they’ve been enjoying the beauty and coziness of Wyoming now.

Sharing the pictures of quite special moments with his family, especially with his youngest daughter Ruby, Nikki Sixx has been brightening up his social media pages a lot. However, his latest post on Instagram Stories drew a reaction from his wife and Nikki has taken the issue into Twitter.

On the lovely photo of Ruby, in which she posed in front of the woods with a red teddy bear, Nikki Sixx wrote that he bought an axe while his daughter got the teddy. He also said, as if Ruby is talking, they’re going to watch the Disney version of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’

Found the sense of humor of her husband kinda dark, Courtney Sixx has warned him about it. Nikki Sixx has put the matter on the table and has been reacted by his fans, as well. The majority of them loved the story and convulsed with laughter.

Here is what Nikki Sixx said in his recent tweet:

“My wife just said this post was kinda dark.”

You can see the post below.