Mötley Crüe legend Nikki Sixx’s daughter and one of the most beautiful models of the industry, Frankie Sixx, has shared a new photo on her Instagram account to show off her beautiful body wearing her brand new brassiere.

After she sends her recently shared photo, a couple of Instagram users discussed the reason why she keeps sending the same tags on the posts over and over again.

She has got over 10K likes with that post, including her lovely dad Nikki.

Here is the caption of Nikki Sixx’s daughter below:

“Fashion Nova | Flare pants have my heart. 🖤”

An Instagram user named rnr_star criticized Frankie:

“Why does she keep tagging #fashionnova every time 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ok, we get it. You get your stuff from Fashion Nova and what is it with a partner?

Is that sponsored or something?🤔”

Another Frankie fan named adowches cleared the air:

“She models the brand, she has to tag them.”

You can check out Frankie’s latest Instagram photo below.