Mötley Crüe’s legendary bass guitarist Nikki Sixx’s daughter from his second marriage, Frankie Sixx, posted recent photos on her verified Instagram page and managed to mesmerize fans with her beauty once again.

While Frankie looks stunning and seems pretty comfortable showing her perfect body in a tiny purple bikini, she also mentioned that these rare frames are her first poses with bikini after three years.

As one of the users pushed the like button on the post was Frankie’s step-mother, Courtney Sixx, over 13K Instagram users went to the comment section.

Here is the caption of the photos:

“Fashion Nova | First bikini post since 2017 🤭💜”

A user named al6xavillani showed his admiration to Frankie:

“Stunning!! I’m working towards my bikini body bc I’m going to college in Florida!! I’m definitely checking fashion nova out!”

Another user, Easton Easterson, shared what he thinks about Nikki’s daughter:

“Every day you get more beautiful I don’t understand.😭😍❤️”

You may check out the photos of Frankie Sixx below.