In a recent interview with Kerrang Magazine, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic revealed the story about how they pay tribute to Kurt Cobain, during Nirvana reunion show at the Cal Jam 2018 festival.

According recent report of Alternative Nation, Krist Novoselic said:

“It’s bittersweet, because somebody was missing up there. That’s why during the set- during most of which I was standing very close to Dave like some sort of security blanket – I walked up to the mic and said, ‘Let’s have a cheer for Kurt Cobain!’ I felt we had to say something about the situation.”

The interviewer called the Kurt Cobain inclusion by Novoselic ‘moving.’ and Novoselic responded:

“Thanks. I wondered what the audience were thinking. We could have left it to them to say something, but I felt it had to come from us, so that’s why I did it.”

Dave Grohl spoke about the possibility of more Nirvana reuniun shows without Kurt Cobain. He said:

“After we played the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I considered the idea that, if there was an opportunity, we could do it again.

But it’s delicate territory, and you can’t treat it like just another show. It’s very complicated and very special. In those moments, when it just happens naturally, I think is the best way.”

Nirvana 2018 Reunion Setlist:

Serve The Servants (with John McCauley)
Scentless Apprentice (with John McCauley)
In Bloom (with John McCauley)
Breed (with Joan Jett)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Joan Jett)
All Apologies (with Joan Jett and Brody Dalle)

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