American stand-up comedian and musician Jim Breuer had a recent interview with SiriusXM and revealed lots of information about rock and metal society.

Breuer also shared an interesting story about Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl once came and told him how he will sign for AC/DC.

Here is Breuer’s statement (Transcribed by AlternativeNation):

“Dave Grohl then comes walking over to me. Now part of me is like ‘he’s been around Jack Black and these guys really know how to rock. I’m just a meathead to him.’ He comes over and goes “Dude! Dude!”

The first thing Dave Grohl says to me is “When Brian Johnson wasn’t doing AC/DC, I was like Jim Breuer’s gotta do AC/DC, Breuer’s gotta do it!”

I was like, ‘stop it!’ Can I just say, I went on every radio station and I would not go see AC/DC unless David Grohl was singing. That would be legit to me. Dave Grohl says

“Hey Brian can’t be here but I’m filling in because I love AC/DC”

Boom! My man, I might follow the whole tour! He’s the guy: “I’m still Foo Fighters, I’m not looking for the glamour, I’m looking to fill in”. Dave Grohl to me should have been the guy.”

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