Former Nirvana and current Foo Fighters member Dave Grohl was the recent guest of the Kerrang! and he revealed a never-told-before story he had in the Naked Raygun, The Cubby Bear, Chicago.

Here is his statement:

“I’d been playing guitar for a few years and I was in a neighbourhood band that did cover songs – but I never imagined I could have a real band of my own, where we wrote music, because I just wasn’t that accomplished as a musician.

But seeing these punk rock bands I thought, ‘Oh my God – I totally could do this!’ The energy and the vibe and the atmosphere of just total joyous rebellion was what really turned me on. “

Dave also expressed the feeling he had that night like losing virginity.

Here is what he said:

“The energy and the experience that I had that night I’ve kind of used as a foundation, or based everything else upon from that night on. If I go to see a giant arena band with a giant production, lasers, and fucking video screens and explosions – I still base it on the energy I had that night. It was like losing your virginity. Except it was good!”

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