Late Nirvana legend, Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife, Courtney Love shared a new video on her official and verified Instagram page and shared the joyful moments she had in the latest Green Day concert.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote about the video:

“Greenday in Hollywood”

An Instagram user named moni_rodri1 wrote this:

“Omg I wish I could see them live!! What a great show thanks for sharing Court!”

Another user named dedoman99:

“I luv Greenway… This is One of my fav songs💜”

domenica_letizia_alicino wrote this:

“Wow one day I want come to concerts of GREEN DAY, THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS, COLDPLAY, RIHANNA AND MUSE. There are my fav but Nirvana is ever in my heart.”

You can watch the video below.