Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend Courtney Love was the main topic of Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window’s podcast, “How The Hell Did That Happen?”

Mary Lou Lord said that, Courtney called her parents phone many times and threaten her.

Here is what Mary Lou Lord says about the situation:

Courtney Love would call my parents’ answering machine and she would threaten and say things like:

Yeah, Mary Lou, me and Kurt are gonna come over there, chop your head off, stick it up your ass and then we’re gonna put you in the oven. Then we are gonna set the house on fire!

Just shit like that. She would show up at some of my gigs and really be a bully. Then, the internet happened, so she didn’t have to leave these crazy, lunatic answering machine messages anymore because she got on the AOL.

AOL back in the day used to have a music site and you could have a folder, this was pre-MySpace and it was this folder that you could have and people could then chime in. The folder was called The Hole Folder.

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