Nirvana Icon Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Frances Shares The Video Of ‘Pain And Healing’

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, took her official Instagram account to show her support to her long-time friend, Tony Kastaneda, after losing his child.

Frances teased a part of the video, which Tony has released on Youtube to made a tribute to his son who passed away in January. By sharing this heart-wrenching video, Frances made everybody shred in tears.

Also, Frances stated that watching this video will support Tony and help him to get through in these tough times. Furthermore, Frances hopes that this video will help and heals other people too.

Here is what Frances Bean Cobain said:

“My sweet friend Tony Kastaneda created a musical & visual tribute for his son Nico, who passed away in January.

He asked me to share it with the hopes that through his journey of pain & healing, maybe it could be healing for others too. Love you, Tony.”

You can check out the post and watch the video below.

Photo Credit: Frances Bean Cobain – Instagram

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