The iconic late legend of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s daughter, and one of the most famous social media personalities of our community, Frances-Bean Cobain, has posted a new photo on her official Instagram Stories and unveiled her recently made left-arm tattoos.

According to the Steal Her Style’s reports, Frances-Bean Cobain had at least 24 known tattoos from a circle, galaxy print on her forearm to portrait on her shoulder blade. If she does not have any secret tattoos that we did not see yet, this would be the 25th tattoo of the late Nirvana star’s daughter.

Here is the list of some of her tattoos:

Frances Bean Cobain gets the portrait of Dolly Parton tattooed on her left shoulder blade.

“She has a cartoon character tattoo on her right arm. It’s a cartoon character named Seymour Sunshine, created by Al Columbia. Frances also has on her right shoulder blade a portrait tattoo of the gay icon and English humorist Quentin Crisp. Nirvana star’s daughter has a line tattoo around her right calf.”

According to the caption of the photo she has shared, Frances’ new tattoos was made by famous tattoo artist and also fashion designer, Taco Rosey. She also shared the detailed pictures of new tattoos and showed off her talent as a tattoo artist.

Here is what Frances-Bean Cobain wrote about her latest tattoo:

“Taco Rosey is an angel.

Thank you for giving me some new friends.”

You can check out the latest Instagram Stories photo and detailed photos below.

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Photo Credit: Frances-Bean Cobain – Instagram Stories