The legendary late frontman of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love has posted a sweet photo of her Beanie Babies Collection on her official Instagram page.

Also, Courtney has made an important statement about Beanie Babies, and said that:

“During the last half of the 1990s Beanie Babies emerged as a major fad and collectible.

Described as one of the ‘first internet sensations’ they were also collected as a financial investment ‘due to the high resale value of particular ones’.

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A fan named atlasofeurope asked:

“I don’t get it. Smuggling? Just the aesthetics of working class Americana? Can someone explain?”

Another fan ittlehippieandalittlehood commented:

“They call pills beans. Either than that I don’t get it ❤️💜”

See the Instagram post below.

You can watch interview video of Courtney below.