Nirvana’s legendary late frontman Kurt Cobain and famous dancer Courtney Love’s lovely daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, took to social media for sharing the photos he’s taking over the last eight months.

Frances also penned a really emotional letter in the caption area and revealed what does she feel during the days we are all stuck inside because of the coronavirus. After sending these special frames, Frances-Bean’s post got almost 50K likes in just 10 hours.

Here is the special letter of Frances-Bean Cobain:

“Hi, I finally got around to scanning some film I’ve taken over the last 8 months & these photos sparked a bit of joy in me. I thought maybe they could spark joy in somebody else & act as some elevation from the overwhelming sense of anxiety/sadness/uncertainty the world is feeling right now, even if it’s only for 3 seconds.

I hope everyone stays sane, stays inside & tries to access 1 moment of “awe” every day. Especially on days that seem to hold nothing but pain & confusion 🌦⛅️☀️ sending light to us all. 🕊”

A Frances-Bean follower named ashleylangdonmcdade commented on the post:

“Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how one simple photo can make someone smile.”

A user named ashlynn.edwards asked:

“What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during quarantine?”

Another social media personality named scarskeepyoualive wrote this:

“Lovely gorgeousness! Thank you for your awesome art! 💙”

You may check out her astonishing frames right below.