Dr. Cyril Wecht, who is a nationally recognized expert of unparalleled experience in the field of forensic pathology, spoke in a recent interview with Nina Daniels from Santa Monica Observer and revealed very blood-curdling claims about the death of legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

In the interview, Mr. Wecht claimed that Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain’s tragic death was a homicide staged as a suicide. Here’s how he’s explaining his claim:

“I have never seen a case of someone with such an exceptionally high level of heroin, enough to kill a lot of people, who were able to do what the authorities say Kurt Cobain did. It does not make any sense at all from a physiological, neurological or psychological standpoint.

Number one, that he would inject himself with such a huge amount of heroin and then take all of the assembly used to inject the drug and clean them and carefully put them back into the special little case: the needle, the syringe, and then set it aside, and then in this state of bliss and contentment, which is why these drug addicts take these drugs – to then pick up the shotgun and shoot himself. It is just absurd.

Most of these people die with the needle still in them, the tourniquet on their arm, or the needle and syringe lying close by. Or they recover after a state of unconsciousness. Or they are resuscitated if someone is called to the scene. But for someone to make this injection and then take apart everything and put it back into a case carefully and take a shotgun and shoot themselves, it is just – I have never seen anything like that.”

Interviewer asked:

“Are you aware of any recorded cases of deceased persons with the blood morphine level comparable to Mr. Cobain’s?”

Dr. Wecht replied:

“I have seen some cases with a very high level. But this certainly was in a very high range. Of course, addicts develop what is called tolerance and they can handle a much larger dose than people who are not long-term addicts, so it is not the quantity alone. It is the circumstances that go along with that kind of quantity. As I already said, what was there at the scene, and then the commission of suicide itself needs to be considered. If you take the drug, the drug at that level probably is going to lead you into a state of semi-consciousness very quickly.

And what is the purpose of taking the drug if you are going to kill yourself? The reason people take these drugs is to make themselves feel much more placid much more contented, to eliminate troubled feelings, their sense of depression, anxiety or whatever it may be. So it just does not fit.”

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