Capitol Hill Seatle Blog published a recent article about Kurt Cobain’s iconic mural graffiti in the Seattle and revealed thart famous muralist Weirdo replaced the Cobain’s graffiti with a gay pride design.

Here is what Weirdo said about the new design:

“Walls rotate. And if you’ve been in the game long enough, you’ve seen it happen to your own walls.

What we’re doing here, is paying homage to Pride, and all the diversity, and all the actual people who live on Capitol Hill, who are locals.”

Hunters Capital representative also shared his opinion about the changement:

“The Cobain piece was never intended to be a forever piece. When the Pride themed piece was presented, it felt like a wonderful story for this neighborhood and particularly nice timing with Pride around the corner.

The Kurt Cobain image was a wonderful addition to the park for the past 6 months, as we hope the pride piece will be as well. This city deserves a hyper real Cobain. This city deserves somebody local to do that for them.”

Check out the photo below.

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