Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window recently recorded the last episode of “How The Hell Did That Happen?”

Lord and Window discussed about Nirnava legend Kurt Cobain‘s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Love, and discussed Kurt and Love’s sex life. (Transcribed by Alternative Nation)

Mary Lou Lord:

“So anyway, I get back to Seattle, I’m pretty shaken up, whatever. About a month later, the new Rolling Stone magazine comes out, and who’s on the cover? Courtney Love!

She was on the cover because of her new album, in the story they had covered that record release party at the Palladium and they had mentioned in the magazine:

“The weird fiasco between Mary Lou Lord and you, Courtney [Love], can you tell us what happened there?”

What she said was:

“Oh, Mary Lou Lord, at one time she gave Kurt a blow job in the back of a dark van and she’s trying to make a career out of it.”


“Oh my gosh, she said that in Rolling Stone? You know what, that’s one of those quotes that has just been out there and out there forever.”


“I didn’t haven an internet, I didn’t have a voice, I didn’t even have a record out yet. You know what I mean? I had the seven inch out I had done nothing up to that point, I was no one, you know what I mean?

So, she said that and obviously it was a lie and I was devastated. I was like ‘oh my God, this is crazy.’ One of the things that really upset me about it was not only was she lying about me but it was completely untrue about Kurt [Cobain].

Like, he wasn’t that kind of a person. So, not only is it insulting and vulgar, what she said about me but it was also not the kind of person that Kurt was.”

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