Krist Novoselic who is the bassist of Nirvana had a recent Question & Answer session with Reddit users and replied fan’s question about legendary Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.

Krist directly responded to murder conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain and declared that clearly, he committed suicide.

Nanananirvanana asked that:

“If you knew Kurt was listening what would you say to him?”

Here’s Novoselic’s answer:

“I would tell him that I loved him and miss him. I would also ask him why he chose to kill himself. He had a lot to live for. Now, here is something I want to get off my chest: I can’t believe people think that I would confess to them being part of a criminal conspiracy, especially online.

Also, I beg anyone who thinks they have any real evidence of foul play to go to the police. Finally, one of the reasons I am convinced Kurt killed himself is that he purchased a .20 shotgun. Kurt was not interested in hunting birds or squirrels, he bought that firearm as a suicide device. Suicide is not rational.”

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