The well-known punk music veteran and also the former producer of Nirvana, Steve Albini, was recently interviewed by Kerrang this month and talked about his music career as well as how Kurt Cobain’s personal life was like during their studio sessions.

After Kerrang’s Paul Brannigan has asked that if Kurt Cobain seemed like a special talent while working with Nirvana, he admitted that he never pressed him for any personal intimacy at the first time. However, when he saw how serious he was about his music, he grew huge respect for the late Nirvana legend.

In the same interview, Steve Albini also shared the feelings of Kurt Cobain when his daughter Frances-Bean Cobain has born. According to Steve, Kurt’s happiest moment of his life was the arriving his little baby Frances-Bean Cobain.

Let’s check out what Steve said about how Kurt was behaving to him in the studio:

​”Well, I didn’t try to become a bosom buddy of his, because I knew that everyone around him was trying to weasel their way into his world parasitically, and I wanted him to know that he didn’t have to worry about that with me.

So I never pressed him for any personal intimacy.

But I got to see him at work, and I saw that he was extremely serious about his music, and his passion was genuine. I think that’s what people responded to because he had a distinctive voice. I grew to respect him as an artist and as a person.”

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