The founder of Electrical Audio and also known as the producer of the last-ever album of Nirvana, Steve Albini, was the latest interview guest of Cobras & Fire Podcast and talked about many things from his career to the interesting stories of making Nirvana’s third and final album.

Steve Albini is well-known as both musician and being the sound engineer of famous bands and stars like Pixies, Foxy Shazam, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Owls, Zao, The Fleshtones, and many more…

Back in 1993, Nirvana’s late legend Kurt Cobain has contacted Albini to make him the producer of their upcoming album ‘In Utero’ because he was the producer of Cobain’s two all-time favorite albums: Pixies’ ‘Surfer Rosa’ and The Reeders’ ‘Pod.’ After they had an agreement, the whole members of Nirvana have traveled to Pachyderm Studios to record the album in an isolated studio.

In his latest interview with Cobras & Fire, Steve Albini has unearthed the untold memories from that trip and exposed some unknown sides of Kurt. According to Steve, Kurt’s happiest moment of his life was the arriving his little baby Frances-Bean Cobain.

Cobras & Fire Podcast asked:

“Would you agree that it’s easy to kind of dismiss Kurt as a guitar player when really his style isn’t something that anybody can execute?”

Steve Albini responded:

“He has a certain sense, the dynamics of the song – you can tell in his playing when it’s meant to be sort of gentle and somber – he plays to that emotional intensity on the guitar.

And then when it’s meant to be raging and explosive, he goes all the way to 11. I don’t think there’s any black art to it, it’s just that he was paying attention when he was putting the arrangements together and when he was writing the songs. ‘This part is gonna be low key, this part is gonna be big…'”

Cobras & Fire Podcast asked again:

“Any memories of Kurt, anything special there?”

Steve Albini responded back:

“I remember when his daughter Frances Bean arrived, he was just beaming in her presence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person happier about anything than him just playing with his daughter.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below.

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